How to Install Windows 10 on Mac OS X Using Boot Camp?

Here we describe how-to guide for install Windows 10 on Mac OS X using Boot Camp.  If you always wanted to try Windows 10 on your Mac OS X and think now is the time to finally take plunge Apple Mac Technical Support you get through the basics. You need to have support drivers installed with updated Boot camp in order to use Windows 10.
Also need an ISO file of 64-bit version of the Windows 10 installer to successfully install Windows 10 on our Mac. You will need at least 30 GB of free space on your startup drive to create a partition for Windows or Call toll-Free +44 800 046 5289 Mac OS X upgrade support .

Follow the Below Steps for Install Windows 10 on Mac OS X:-

Install Windows 10 on Mac


Step 1: Download the Windows 10 Disc Image

Macs running OS X EI Capitan, Boot Camp comes with modified interface which comes with updated ISO image selector and partitioning on single screen and partition hard drive before installing Windows 10. After the Boot Camp Assistant complete the system restart with normal installation process.

Step 2: You need to make sure Boot Camp Assistant, Mac OS X and your Mac firmware is updated.

Step 3: After the Windows 10 ISO downloaded, open the Boot Camp Assistant and check on the following boxes: Create Windows 8 or later version install disk and Install Windows 8 or later version.

Installs disk and Install Windows 8

Step 4: In case you don’t have disk image create one by inserting the USB drive and select the Windows 10 ISO file via Boot Camp Assistant.

Step 5: Boot Camp will copy Windows 10 ISO and all Boot Camp drivers needed to run Windows to USB stick that after some time will become Windows 10 boot disk.

Step 6: Before you install Windows 10 on your Mac you need to create and format partition.

Use Boot Camp Assistant to create partition and Windows installer to format it. Open Boot Camp Assistant to automatically create partition, it is capable of founding its utilities and only you need to take care is to have at least 30 GB of space.

Format the partition using Windows

Select BOOT CAMP to create partition you are asked to where you wish to install Windows. Then click format automatically Window format the partition.

Format the partition using Windows


Step 7: Click on start to install Windows 10.

Step 8: Window restart few times, things is going good if after a while your screen hits “We are getting your PC ready”.

Step 9: Once the process is over computer will reboot. It must reboot into Windows 110 so you can see Windows setup screen and if it reboot MacOS it isn’t a problem. Irrespective if you hold option/alt key where you can select OS to launch
Step 10: Product key need to be entered and select the partition to install.

Step 11: Only follow the installation process till finish. Once installed Mac will boot to Windows 10.

Step 12: Only need to install Boot Camp drivers simply by running the setup.exe.

Step 13: Your Mac is ready to run on Windows 10 OS

Online Remote Apple Customer Support Services for install Windows 10 on Mac

Apple Customer Support Phone Number

You are facing issues with the above mentioned steps feel free to avail via Apple Support Phone Number +44 800 046 5289 (Toll-Free) who are all time present in your service to assist you in resolving all and every kind of issues which is affecting the installation process.

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