How to Fix iTunes Sync Error -54 ?

To Fix iTunes Sync Error -54 which is a permission error either on your computer or device? The error usually occurs when you try to sync your iPhone, iPad or iPod using iTunes to backup or restore. When syncing songs, images or something on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with iTunes you may encounter   the iTunes sync Error -54:”The iPhone 7 cannot be synced. An unknown error occurred (–54)” problem that stop you from transferring the items. It seems when you haven’t authorized your computer or don’t have the access or permission to move or modify the data. To get the issues resolved or to understand it more deeply you can contact Apple Technical Support team the well qualified, trained technicians present in your service.

The reasons for the occurrence of error are listed:

  • Outdated version of iTunes
  • Downloaded iTunes Software is not proper. It could either be corrupt or an incomplete installation
  • Program files related to iTunes have got deleted or damaged
  • Corrupted windows system files because of virus or malware infection or due to human error
  • Due to iOS update failure iTunes files have got corrupted

Ways to Fix iTunes Sync Error -54:

  • Update iTunes to the latest version available
  • Upgrade iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to the latest iOS Operating System
  • Properly Authorize computer in iTunes

Open iTunes and choose Store on iTunes menu and authorize your computer

  • Change permissions of your iTunes folder or original files or folder

You can find the originals that you want to transfer to iOS device and change the permission. More give us one example to change Read Only permission of iTunes folder to fix iTunes Sync Error -54.

Fix iTunes Sync Error -54

Step 1: Open Windows Explorer

Step 2: Go to Music folder

Step 3: Right click iTunes folder

Step 4: Select properties

Step 5: Check then uncheck “Read only”.

  • Run iTunes in administrative mode

Step 1: Sign in to Windows as an administrative

Step 2: Right click iTunes

Step 3: Select Properties

Step 4: Select Compatibility

Step 5: Check to run as administrative

  • iTunes sync error may be caused by incompatible driver on Windows PC therefore you must install available Windows service packs
  • Storing all media files in your iTunes Library: all scattered files at several location, trying keeping them to iTunes media folder
  • Check for sync issues with third party security software
  • Delete and re-download content in case the issue is caused is by content
  • The error might have also arrived if you are trying to transfer iTunes purchase to iOS to your computer
  • Use an iTunes alternative method: Anytrans is one of the best alternatives to iTunes as it allows you to transfer media files and won’t erase the existing data on your iPhone.


You may still find difficulty to Fix iTunes Sync Error -54 therefore Apple Customer Support Number  +44-800-046-5289 Number UK in your service to assist you in right direction and guide you in right direction with appropriate solutions. The all day and all night available team give you online remote assistance. We are here to serve you with every possible means.

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