How to Fix iTunes Error 1671 While Updating iPhone or iPad?

To Fix iTunes Error 1671 while updating iPhone or iPad you can go through the following blog. At times while you are carrying out the usual norms on iTunes, iPhones you can encounter the error and fail to get the desired word done. The Error shows up when you try to sync, back up, update or restore your iPhone, iPad or iPod Device with iTunes. There are many reasons that can cause this error one such as:

  • outdated OS
  • outdated version of iTunes
  • invalid Antivirus
  • Infected Antivirus by viruses
  • Several USB controllers linked to computer.

You can follow the steps to Fix iTunes Error 1671 or contact Apple Mac Technical Support for any other query or query related to below mentioned steps which you are failing to getting understood.

Fix iTunes Error 1671

Steps to Fix iTunes Error 1671 while updating iPhone and iPad:

Step1: Disable any and all antivirus programs that are running in the background on your Mac or PC

Step2: Reboot your iOS Device

Hold on to for minimum of ten seconds on sleep or wake button at least once

Step3: Connect your device to computer, launch iTunes and try to update again

Alternative solution

Above steps should be sufficient to resolve the iTunes Error 1671 while updating iPhone or iPad yet here is the second method to get your issues resolved sooner

Step1: Disable the Antivirus program on your Mac or computer system

Step2: Allow the update in order to download to iTunes

Step3: Restore the device in recovery mode

  • Put the iPhone in DFU mode
  • connect your device to your computer
  • force restart of iPhone by holding on to sleep or wake button for ten seconds
  • Recovery mode will appear on your device
  • Select the restore or update if you see the option

fix iTunes error 1671

The following above two steps should be enough to Fix iTunes Error 1671 While Updating iPhone and iPad but has you have encountered the error while resolving the error therefore connect via Apple Support Phone Number +44-800-046-5289 (toll-free) is present in your service to assist you online and resolve your issues immediately and instantly.

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